MILCOM 2016 Data Sets

The datasets generated for the MILCOM 2016 paper “Four Labeled Datasets to Enable Reproducible Cyber Research” are available using the links below.

Please cite the following paper when referencing these datasets:

Datasets_A-E_Descriptions.pdf Description Full Dataset description document
MD5 Checksum acdaff8babef45780e486401b08f4cf0
SHA1 Checksum 933b82a6193d10bd09c08473ec9e721cbc4c2e82
Size 2.1 MB
dataSetAv1.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - download
MD5 Checksum 8729b9ad158a749af496dd0f408e672f
SHA1 Checksum fc086662528406bc151c277e9d4ce6c28cb75cb9
Size 841.9 MB
dataSetAv2.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - download
MD5 Checksum ad7730b833c9e98968a515d320844d7d
SHA1 Checksum 8ab571b967f11c64b38905c91a0f98776be49e42
Size 32.8 GB
dataSetBv1.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - download
MD5 Checksum 82cc959c61a0a5190618d51d957ffdd7
SHA1 Checksum 4d54694b8dee9fda46e8cdb80e33ab4a061ab92e
Size 7.3 GB
dataSetBv2.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - download
MD5 Checksum 5c2faafcb45d2e01941f92987cca1d5a
SHA1 Checksum dea8f5f82337275b5dcb062a33cb6d8ef2f3cc59
Size 33.6 GB
dataSetCv1.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - website
MD5 Checksum af2a2c7b5afef45161f853ad9ed7791a
SHA1 Checksum 25bf58fecfaf5fae4b9241556ccfe5c915ef6a5b
Size 12.5 GB
dataSetCv2.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - website
MD5 Checksum 12dc1aecec9749389c223f14cb52771c
SHA1 Checksum b8b05bf091c038f90d403ca3e5d6936ec9ddf9cb
Size 71.1 GB
dataSetDLamp.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - LAMP variant
MD5 Checksum 433a896826279863b881282b69c064d3
SHA1 Checksum d50c41df7f1002928830a357ef5185a4acb15b84
Size 21.9 GB
dataSetDNJS.7z Description ACS pseudo botnet - Node.js variant
MD5 Checksum 02ee78a80b67b50931713e87298710f5
SHA1 Checksum 79a98d1edd7e67a59a871bd8d6300c142b9973dd
Size 40.6 GB
dataSetEAggregator.7z Description Aggregator Attack
MD5 Checksum 5ca643a1adfbd481173017a01bc381dc
SHA1 Checksum 257b9eb4c689f56d9f4af34b8bf96f4086c314f8
Size 44.2 GB
dataSetEBatteryDrain.7z Description Battery Drain Attack
MD5 Checksum 87f54dae6e99d74aa9727b03064abee6
SHA1 Checksum 39c5252647b6d5202ea93bb54e5ae11211dd8dd3
Size 10 GB
dataSetESlowloris.7z Description Slow Loris Attack
MD5 Checksum 794abd20332f20dc325b6c354d8f2d2f
SHA1 Checksum fc8704480e045ffee6d8d64f224ab76c92c6fc0c
Size 42.4 GB
dataSetESynFlood.7z Description Syn Flood Attack
MD5 Checksum 5f212841d6bc6948b2b04c68f5699b6b
SHA1 Checksum 5da2f7fc99326c7fe9a95c9910f87196c1da3bc8
Size 28.5 GB
deliveredLabels.7z Description Data Set Labels
MD5 Checksum c1c2c60a9d84bbef932d983148775421
SHA1 Checksum 1ada01c47daedbd65c9c8c8f683b7a9b013397e2
Size 73.5 MB
utilities.7z Description Dataset Utilities
MD5 Checksum 38a008a0c42928bdad52bd3eba34355e
SHA1 Checksum 941ea5ec94dcb979176975fb54ce1580ccb06022
Size 6 KB